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Who Is J.K. Rowling?

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100 titles tell incredible stories of trailblazers, innovators, historical events, and exciting places. Just in: Who Was Sitting Bull? Who Was Albert Einstein? Who is Neil Armstrong? Who was Harry Houdini?

Pictured above: Who is J.K. Rowling? Get to know the author of the Harry Potter series and screenwriter of the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. Rowling’s true-life, rags-to-riches story is as compelling as the world of Hogwarts that she created. This biography details not only Rowling’s life and her love of literature but the story behind the creation of a modern classic.


Innocent Blood (audiobook)

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Following prophetic words found in the Blood Gospel — a tome written by Christ and lost for centuries —  archaeologist Erin Granger joins with an army sergeant and a Vatican priest to save the world. Book two, but start here as it gets better reviews than book one.

A vicious attack at a California ranch thrusts archaeologist Erin Granger back into the fold of the Sanguines. The search for the truth will take Erin and the others across centuries and around the world, to the very gates of Hell itself, where their destiny, and the fate of mankind, awaits.

(16 hours)



Baked Italian: Over 50 Mediterranean Marijuana Meals

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Learn to cook ultimate comfort food such as chicken piccata and lamb carpaccio. There’s more to it than cannabis butter. These taste better than original recipes. Gorgeous photos! Marijuana patients and enthusiasts: we recently expanded this section.

Baked Italian was written for people who want to eat their high without sacrificing good taste and a well-rounded diet. Few marijuana cookbooks address the fact that Cannabis is a spicy, harsh-tasting plant that often doesn’t cook particularly well due to its flavor, consistency and inability to dissolve in water. In addition, marijuana cookbooks often only provide recipes for a variety of unhealthy snack foods which is actually counterproductive for medical patients. Baked Italian addresses these issues head on by providing stunningly accurate visual and textual instructions on how to make genuinely nutritious and well-balanced marijuana meals that look and taste great.


The 5th Wave

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In this wildly popular young adult sci-fi novel, author Rick Yancey gives the classic alien invasion narrative a new spin. Follow 16-year-old Cassie as she tries to find her way in a new world full of violent twists and turns and where no one is who they seem.

The #1 New York Times Bestseller, now a major motion picture starring Chloë Grace Moretz
A USA Today bestseller
Winner of the 2014 Red House Children’s Book Award
2014 Children’s Choice Book Awards Finalist for Teen Book of the Year
A YALSA 2014 Best Fiction for Young Adults
A YALSA 2014 Quick Picks for Reluctant Young Readers
A Booklist 2014 Best Fiction for Young Adults
A VOYA 2013 Perfect Ten

The Passage meets Ender’s Game in the first book in an epic series by award-winning author Rick Yancey.

“Remarkable, not-to-be-missed-under-any-circumstances.”—Entertainment Weekly


 Totally Irresponsible Science Kit

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Embrace your inner mad scientist with science experiments like “How to Grow a Frankenstein Hand,” “How to Turn Milk into Stone,” and “How to Make a Potato Gun.”

Included is a 72-page book with step-by-step instructions for the 18 experiments, including notes on how long each experiment takes, the necessary ingredients, warnings when applicable, and the “scientific excuse” to do the experiment. Sure, it’s a blast to send up a Soda Bottle Rocket, but it’s also worth doing because it illustrates Newton’s Third Law of Motion. And that messy and seemingly risky combination of ooze and electricity in the Static Electricity Slime? It demonstrates a fourth form of matter beyond solid, liquid, and gas—a colloid.

Packaged in the kit are four helpful instruments for young scientists: a lateral split-orb measuring spoon, a vacuumatic test tube, a matter-retaining measuring cup, and photon-refracting goggles. So go ahead: Encase a younger sibling in a giant soap bubble. Drop Mentos into a bottle of diet soda, and stand back as a geyser erupts. Shoot a bolt of lightning from your fingertip. Any curious kid would be irresponsible not to try these experiments. (Ages 9 and up)



Auggie & Me: Three Wonder Stories

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Short books from the perspectives of Julian, Christopher and Charlotte. Themes include bullies, special needs, and overcoming social anxiety. Readers love these stories so much, they take the pledge to “choose kind”. The movie comes out in 2017. This collection is a thought-provoking, surprising, infuriating, heartbreaking and heartwarming must-read.

Over 5 million people have read the #1 New York Times bestseller Wonder—the book that inspired the Choose Kind movement—and have fallen in love with Auggie Pullman, an ordinary boy with an extraordinary face.