Who we are

Grassroots Books started out in a garage near Seattle in 2003 with a box of books and a mom who wanted to spend more time with her kids. But, it rains too much in Seattle…

Now, we’re in Reno and home to a selection of 40,000+ books.

How do we do it? Our prices.

Our constantly-changing inventory of used and new books are priced so low, people ask us how we stay in business.

What’s in store for you?

New books 50-90% off list price
Brand-new bestsellers 20% off list price
$1 books in our Outside Sale
Bag Sale Sundays: fill grocery-size bags for $5 in our Outside Sale
Lots of toys, gifts for under $5

We’re also a great gift store

From kids’ birthday parties to the holidays, we’ve got you covered. We stock up on inventory around the holidays to bring down the cost of gifting.

Super-sized sales

Our Outside Sale offers 10,000+ books starting for $1 or less. On Bag Sale Sunday, fill a grocery-size bag  for $5. No limit.

We like to think of ourselves, not just as a local bookstore with the best bargains, but also a fun place to hangout. Even catch an event or two. We’d like everyone who walks through our doors to feel at home:

  • Free tea and water

Books WITHOUT Price Stickers

Paperbacks $2.99

Hardcovers $4.99

Kids Books $1.99

up to grade level 6

CDs $1

available in Outside Sale, while supplies last.

DVDs $3.99, or 3 for $9.99

BluRays $4.99,or
3 for $12.99

Comic Books $1

Video Games $1

available in Outside Sale, while supplies last.

Audio Books $1

available in Outside Sale, while supplies last.