We are always hiring

Even if you do not see the following job ad on Craigslist, we’re always looking for people who rock.

Compensation starts at $12-$15/hr, depending on experience, and two weeks paid vacation yearly

A recent Craigslist posting:

Grassroots Books sells new and used books, music, movies, and more. We have significantly brought down the cost of reading in Reno. We think it’s not “just a job.”

We seek two full-time people and two part-time people to:

  • Help customers find books they seek and recommend books they’ll love (we teach how).
  • Ring up sales.
  • Invite customers to upcoming events (such as $1 Outdoor Sales) and get weekly emails.
  • Alphabetize DVDs.
  • Help improve our store processes.
  • Work quickly through “side work” such as inspecting CDs, stickering books and dusting.
  • If you have interest and aptitude, you might get a chance to learn how to buy used books from customers, order new books, drive a forklift, etc.

We prefer to hire people who will continue with us for at least a year:

  • 40+ hours a week preferred. 20+ hours a week preferred for part-time.
  • Same schedule week-to-week (your needed exceptions ok).
  • We can hire people as a 2-person team to work the same hours, and usually near each other if requested.
  • We are looking for one part-time person to work our opening shift, starting at 8:30am.
  • We are seeking at least one full-time person and one part-time person to work our closing shift, ending at 8:30pm.
  • We can accommodate 4-day weeks and/or unusual shifts if requested, even for part-timers.
  • We seek people who are available to work one or both days of the weekend. A half shift (4 hours) is okay.
  •  Currently, we are seeking people available to work on Thursdays.
  • We seek people who won’t need time off between Nov 1 and Dec 23.
  • We can offer overtime at your option, usually year-round.

We hope to find people who rock!

  • Highly competent and ethical.
  • Able to move on your feet for entire shift.
  • Able to lift 40lb repeatedly.
  • Computer skills.
  • Naturally sunny disposition.
  • Able to do basic arithmetic, such as double-checking the computer’s calculation of 20% off 17.99 or quickly guessing how much a purchase should total; able to post to Facebook with excellent spelling/grammar including paragraph breaks.

About Grassroots Books:

  • Fans of Toyota production methods and ideas – fix processes and don’t blame people (as the book: Toyota Kata by Mike Rother).
  • Seeking to have an exceptionally joyful and authentic workplace (as the book: Joy, Inc by Richard Sheridan).
  • We “manage without managers” for the most part.
  • Meticulous with our word and work – can be picky.
  • The owner and coordinators won’t ask about your vaccination status.
  • Team member hobbies/interests include writing, board games, anime, role-playing games, art, dogs, paleo, shooting, running, kayaking, entrepreneurship, and of course reading. We rarely drink soda or smoke cigarettes.
  • We are for literacy and free speech. We carry mainstream books, niche books, and also controversial books. We carry all the books, for all the readers.
  • We provide snacks, usually including spinach, smoked salmon and bacon.
  • Most of us are overqualified.
  • We can be a place for people to work for many years, and we can be a place where you work while you launch a different career or business.
  • We seek people who won’t need time off between Nov 1 and Dec 23. We have a team of 40+.

To apply, tell us through Craigslist:

  • Why it’s a good fit for you, short- and long-term.
  • Why you think you’re a good fit for us.
  • Your ideal schedule, hours/days you would rather not work, and how many hours a week you desire (we seek 40 to 55).
  • About your proven ability to move fast at work, such as cleaning, stocking shelves or factory work.
  • Names of a few of your favorite books or movies.
  • Your contact info including email address.

Please apply through Craigslist, not at the store or by phone. We don’t open email attachments.

We are also hiring other positions – you can search “grassroots” within Craigslist jobs. We are usually able to hire people to organize the Super Safe Outside Sale, clean books, and do janitorial.

  • We can potentially hire two people for the same shifts, such as family members or friends. Some work, such as cleaning books and sorting kids books from pallet-sized boxes, can be done together so you get a chance to spend time together.
  • We can offer part-time for some positions, so long as you’re able to work at least 20 hours a week in November and the first three weeks of December.

(We will remove this posting when we’re not hiring. We don’t respond to every application. Typically if we want to find out more about you, we contact within 24 hours. If you want to verify that your application was received, send an email through Craigslist or to hiring@[our domain name].)


Do you hire students? 
We have found that the majority of college students with December finals work less than their commitment, many of them getting sick (due to not sleeping enough). We’ve also seen students get worse grades.

We seek win-win, and our experience with college students in December is win-lose, lose-win, and lose-lose more than win-win.

We’re currently trying to hire for a year, with special sensitivity for our busiest time, and we already have students on our team with December finals.

Do you hire under 18?
Yes, we have awesome young people as young as 15.



Check to see if we have a job ad posted on Craigslist. If so, please apply through Craigslist.


If there are no posts on Craigslist, and you think you’ve got what it takes, send an email to [email protected]. Be sure to answer the questions (why it’s a good fit, etc).