We are always hiring

Even if you do not see the following job ad on Craigslist, we’re always looking for people who rock.

A recent Craigslist posting:

Grassroots Books sells new and used books, music, movies, and more. We have significantly brought down the cost of reading in Reno. We think it’s not “just a job.”

We seek two full-time people to:
– Help customers find books they seek and recommend books they’ll love (we teach you how).
– Ring up sales.
– Invite customers to upcoming events (such as 99¢ Outdoor Sales) and get weekly emails.
– Alphabetize DVDs.
– Help improve our store processes (continuous improvement).
– Work quickly through “side work” such as stickering books and dusting.

We prefer to hire people who will continue with us for at least a year:
– Same schedule week-to-week (your needed exceptions ok).
– If you have interest and aptitude, you might get a chance to learn how to buy used books from customers, order new books, drive a forklift, drive our huge truck to house calls, etc.
– Almost all positions require either Saturdays or Sundays, long-term.
– Available shifts include 8:30a-5pm or 10a-6:30p Saturday and Sunday, and 10a-6:30p Tuesday to Thursday . We can give two days off together or different shifts than these, potentially.
– We can offer overtime at your option, usually year-round.

We don’t have a customer-is-always-right policy. Lots of people who have previously worked retail are happier here. We think that smiling+caving, when customers are wrong, hurts the souls of the team members. We want our team members to be able to disagree. We try to help customers with their wants and needs first, and to say yes… and we also say no sometimes.

We hope to find people who rock!
– Highly competent and ethical.
– Able to move on your feet for entire shift.
– Able to lift 40lb repeatedly.
– Computer skills.
– Naturally sunny disposition.
– Able to do basic arithmetic, such as double-checking the computer’s calculation of 20% off 17.99; able to post to Facebook with excellent spelling/grammar including paragraph breaks.

About Grassroots Books:
– We are growing!
– Meticulous with our word and work – can be picky.
– Fun and sometimes irreverent.
– Fans of Toyota production methods and ideas – people first! (as the book: Toyota Kata by Mike Rother).
– Learning to use “Nonviolent Communication” as described in the book by Marshall Rosenberg.
– Learning how to manage without managers.
– Team member hobbies/interests include writing, making movies, bicycling, board games, D&D, art, dogs, paleo, shooting, kayaking, zero waste, entrepreneurship, and of course reading. We rarely drink soda or smoke cigarettes.
– Most of us are overqualified.

We can be a place for people to work for many years, and we can be a place where you work while you launch a different career or business. We seek people who won’t need time off between Nov 1 and Dec 23. We have a team of 40+.

To apply, tell us through Craigslist:
– Why it’s a good fit for you, short- and long-term.
– Why you think you’re a good fit for us.
– Your ideal schedule, hours/days you would rather not work, and how many hours a week you desire (we seek 40 to 55).
– If you see this position as a first step at Grassroots, what positions you would also like.
– About your proven ability to move fast at work, such as cleaning, stocking shelves or factory work.
– Names of a few of your favorite books or movies.
– Your contact info.

Please apply through Craigslist, not at the store or by phone. We don’t open email attachments. We are also hiring other positions – you can search “grassroots” within Craigslist jobs.

We pay $9 to $11.50/hour to start and offer paid vacation after one year.

(We will remove this posting when we’re not hiring. We don’t respond to every application. Typically if we want to find out more about you, we contact within 24 hours. If you want to verify that your application was received, send an email through Craigslist or to [email protected][our domain name].)

FAQ: Why are you guys hiring so often?

For one thing, we are looking to hire qualified people (many are overqualified, and others are motivated and energetic enough to become highly qualified soon), and most aren’t going to stay in retail. Grassroots’ recent alumni include people who now work for the Washoe County School District (librarians and a teacher) and  have started their own businesses (Happy Happy Joy Joy and an eBay business), and other terrific careers. We hope to “graduate” several team members into full-time writing and art careers soon.

We opened our retail store in 2009. In the last 12 months, we have increased our staff by about eight people.

Doing the math: people stay about 24 months; with 30 people, we’re hiring more than once a month just to stay even.

We like hiring on Craigslist. Did you know running an ad on Monster costs $300? You might have heard that almost all bookstores have closed because it’s a difficult business model. We are careful with expenses, and using a free service like Craigslist is just one way we can keep our prices low and still keep the lights on.

For every person we hire, we receive more than 100 emails. We want to hire people who have all the required skills, and we are sad when people aren’t able to alphabetize or count out correct change.  We would rather post often than hire someone just to fill a position.



Check to see if we have a job ad posted on Craigslist. If so, please apply through Craigslist.


If there are no posts on Craigslist, and you think you’ve got what it takes, send an email to [email protected]. Be sure to answer the questions (why it’s a good fit, etc).