Resources for Schools and Non-profits

Tons (literally) of FREE books following warehouse sales
At the conclusion of each warehouse sale, educators and nonprofits are invited to select from the leftover books.
Bring a pickup or plan to fill your trunk and back seats, as we usually have more than 5,000 books left for donation.

Class Sets for Less
Grassroots Books orders brand new books for teachers at a discount, usually around 35% off list price. Email [email protected] for all your classroom needs!

Free Book Cards for Everyone
Every month, Grassroots Books passes out thousands of Free Book Cards for our Outside Sale. You are invited to pick up as many as you’re able to hand out. Limit one per person/per calendar year.  No purchase necessary to select a wallet-friendly priced, unstickered book from any genre.

Grassroots Books helps schools raise money and reward achievers
Grassroots Books donates in-store gift certificates for school raffles and competitions. Please contact us if you’d like more information.

Need Cash? Hold a “Stuff-Raiser”
Request book, music, movie and game donations from people you know. Keep what you like and sell the rest to Grassroots Books. We buy from 9am to 7pm, seven days a week. We ask that you call ahead when bringing more than 6 boxes.

Bulk-Pricing for Giveaways
We provide a discount for you, plus extra books so everyone can choose!

  • 100 book minimum
  • $1 average price for mix of used and new books ($0.50 more  for new books only)
  • Buyer specifies how many books at which grade level of reading
  • Grassroots selects the books, which will include overstock
  • Grassroots boxes the books (nothing fancy)
  • Organization picks up books a day or more in advance of the book giveaway; pay when picking up
  • Grassroots supplies extra 30 books so that every kid gets a chance to pick a book that he/she likes (those 30 books are to be returned)
  • Organization returns those extra 30 books to Reno Grassroots

Another option is 100 kids picture books for $50 in a pre-selected box.

Books make a difference! Studies show that adding books to the home of an underprivileged child can add more than a year to their education.  In other words, it could be the difference between a student dropping out in the 11th grade and graduating high school.